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He stole 2 gold weddings rings from her hand, to in cash as well as another ring with an amethyst stone. The proceeds of the robbery were used to purchase heroin.

Sentenced to: aggregate total of 10y with NPP of 7*y.

Applicant & co-offender also provided bank with false documents representing the Applicant as someone else & signed a loan document.

The true value of the items being financed was far less than that represented to the bank.

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One of the offences taken into account involved an assault & beating of a person at Bankstown Railway Station and the other involved a severe beating & assault upon another person who suffered permanent & severely handicapping brain damage as a result (on bail at the time this offence occurred). HENMAN, Gregory Charles - CCA, 1.2.2001Giles JA, Hulme & Bell JJCitation: R v Henman [2001] NSWCCA 4Conviction appeal.2 x sexual intercourse without consent with person under 10; 1 x indecent assault with person under 10. All charges related to same complainant, either the appellant's niece or step-niece.

He gave several accounts of the surrounding circumstances. LAGOPODIS, Dimitris - NSW SC, Sully J, Citation: R v Lagopodis [2000] NSWSC 1201Redetermination of life sentence under s.13A Sentencing Act 1989. Applicant was one of 4 adults who deliberately engaged in a protracted assault, both physical & mental, upon a 17 year old boy who was a drug addict & who was totally incapable of defending himself.

At trial, accused repudiated those admissions & claimed the fire had been lit by the deceased. Rehabilitation - remorse - not a continuing danger to society.

Join criminal enterprise - directions to jury - character evidence. OLIG, Shane Eugen - NSW SC, Adams J, Citation: R v Olig [2000] NSWSC 1242Remarks on sentence. The deceased died as a result of a fire in her home which was lit by the accused.

Shortly after the fire, the accused made a number of statements to police & doctors admitting he had lit the fire.

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