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The city is also home to the University of Bangui, inaugurated in 1970.Bangui has been the scene of intense rebel activity and destruction during decades of political upheaval, including the current rebellion.Its dating, compared with similar sites in Nigeria and Sudan, could be close to the 9th century BC.Bangui was founded by Albert Dolisie and Alfred Uzac on 26 June 1889, in what was then the upper reaches of the French Congo, the present-day Congo (Brazzaville).

In 1970, President Jean-Bédel Bokassa inaugurated the University of Bangui.The site closest to Bangui is Pendere-Sengue, 800 metres (2,600 ft) from Independence Avenue, where archaeologists and conservation agencies have carried out studies.It is a paleo-metallurgical site where several thousand shards of ceramics, iron tools, pottery, and an iron spatula weighing 9 kilograms (20 lb) have been unearthed.During the elections, Ange-Félix Patassé was elected to the post of president.Since he was from northern CAR, the southern group of Kolingba started a rebellion during 1996.

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