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I considered calling Noah and consenting to join the Red Guard right then and there, consenting to partner with Jonah to oversee the Masters, to judge them, to take action when they fell short of their potential.

But that was a betrayal I still couldn't commit.

We don't even know if he thinks the same or wants the same things." "Don't blame the vampire," I told her.

"That doesn't get him off the hook." "Oh, trust me," she said.

None of that, unfortunately, diminished the embarrassment, the feeling that I'd offered and been found lacking, the feeling that being put aside was wholly my own doing.

And, most important, the feeling that in taking Ethan's side, I'd stood against one of two people in the world who loved me unconditionally. Mallory grabbed a handful of tissues from a box on the side table, then sat beside me, handed them over, and pushed the hair from my face. I told her about the shifter bar, the pizza, the chocolate.

That regret sent me to Wicker Park, not even sure if she'd be there, but without a better idea. " Despite the speech I'd planned on the way over, a regret-filled "I'm sorry" was all I managed to get out. Walking into the foyer, I was immediately comforted by the sounds and smells of home - lemon furniture polish, cinnamon and sugar, the slightly musty smell of an older home, the low murmur of the television. I told her about the party, Gabriel's friendship, and the bully; about Ethan's reaction and the "risk" he was willing to take.

I parked outside her narrow brownstone and hopped up the stairs, then knocked on the door. Her ice blue hair was getting longer and now reached her shoulders. "I'm so, so sorry." Mallory gave me an up-and-down appraisal before meeting my gaze again. Tell me you didn't." CHAPTER THIRTEEN YOU' RE MY BEST FRIEND Mallory knew me way too well. By the end of it, I was in her arms, crying into her shoulder.

I was too embarrassed to stay there, too humiliated at having been so unceremoniously dumped for the possibility of Ethan's burgeoning friendship with Gabriel.For a long time, Jeff has only had eyes for the beautiful Fallon Keene.Unfortunately, she is the only sister of the lethal North American Central Pack Apex Gabriel Keene. He'd given me up because dating me risked his bond with the Pack.A bond, ironically enough, that I'd helped create.

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