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This is most expressive in the albums first recorded by 'magnitizdat': Zvezda po Imeni Solntse/The Star Named Sun, Gruppa Krovi/Blood Group and Natchalnik Kamchatki/Chief of Kamchatka. After the tragic death of Viktor Tsoy in a car accident the group ceased existing.

) Mike (Mikhail Naumenko) (1955-1991) was the frontman of the most rock-n-roll band of this country.

) One of the oldest Russian rock groups Mashina Vremeni/Time Machine emerged at the crest of 'beatlomania' among Moscow students in 1968. Kutikov who joined the group in 1971 brought with him daring rock-n-roll drive into the group's repertoir.

It was also in that year when the first concert was given.

After the group's reunion in 1986 it gave a number of large-scale concerts in the Leningrad sport palace Yubileyniy, which came as an evidence of Aquarium's legalization and the first step towards removing the beto on rock music in Leningrad and the country in general.Aquarium Mashina Vremeni Kino Zoopark DDT Alisa Kalinov Most Grazhdanskaya Oborona Aria Chaif Nautilus Pompilius Krematorii Noll Tchizh & Co Mumii Troll Korol i Shoot Leningrad Spleen Khoronko Orchestra Umka i Bronevik Stantsiya Mir Nick Rock NRoll ) Aquarium played a special part in the history of Soviet rock music and still stands out in the panorama of modern bands.It was the activity of this group in the early 1980s that served as a catalyst for consolidation of the leading creative powers of the uncoordinated amateurish rock movement.The first public performances of the band in 1974 came as striking for the audience for their esoteric subjects rather than for professionalism.Aquarium gained a foothold as the most active participant of Leningrad amateurish rock stage.

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