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"I've made a difference in a way that really matters to me." On publishing's shift to digital:"I don't sit around thinking about, 'Gee, what happened to the new generation and they don't read enough and why is the internet replacing books? On his fame and sex appeal:"I think that just as [Henry] Kissinger said, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.Celebrity is the ultimate aphrodisiac in today's world.

"And that crucial change in my life was also associated with jazz, because it all began within a space of about six months after the first Playboy Jazz Festival in August of 1959."On his personal legacy:"One of the reasons that I have such tremendous satisfaction at this point in my life is because I know I've made a difference," he said in 1994.Legend used an expletive in calling Trump the leader in the worst president "competition." ------------FOR THE RECORD p.m.: An earlier version of this post stated that actor-director Jon Favreau described Trump as a "garbage human being" for Trump's remarks.The tweet was from Jon Favreau, a former Obama speechwriter and host of the podcast, "Pod Save America."------------Actress Amber Tamblyn urged folks to take note of Trump's actions from Saturday morning when they hit the polls in 2020.And I'm lucky enough to have fallen into a unique kind of celebrity," he said in 2009."So against all logic, nothing else matters — age doesn't matter. Endless numbers of young women."ALSOHugh Hefner's life pushing boundaries started with comics Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion was hedonistic headquarters for his brand'Your legacy lives on': Hugh Hefner is remembered as an innovator, friend and supporter of civil rights Samantha Bee blasted Donald Trump for what she considers his lack of response to the crisis in Puerto Rico, claiming the president instead has been busy “stoking a culture war” over the NFL.

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