Slumdog millionaire dating in real life

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first burst on to our screens in 1998, it was big, brash and un-British — and deliberately so.

It offered tons more money than any other television quiz, its cameras zoomed in on contestants’ agonised expressions, and its constant music ramped up the tension.

“And I never order online shopping express delivery; I order it standard.” An unlikely small-screen celebrity, Keppel had been glued to Millionaire from the moment it began.

She had never taken part in a quiz before, but was short of money and decided to give it a go.

“I’ve always thought I wouldn’t have done Millionaire if I’d been married,” she says.

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I read the Telegraph’s sports section every day because sport is my downfall.” But a vital ingredient for women, she believes strongly, is to be single.

She may have bought a house in France and gone on holiday to Burma, but the millionairess who entered the annals of television history still travels by bus.

“Particularly now I’ve got a freedom pass,” she says.

“I noticed the questions weren’t that difficult and the prize money was huge.

I wasn’t aiming for the million; I thought £32,000 would be nice.” Keppel, now 71, told no one except her children when she was accepted on to the programme (her family was “astonished, slightly embarrassed, amazed and, in the end, very pleased that I’d won”), and she was petrified to find herself in the spotlight next to Tarrant, having won the “fastest finger first” round (putting four former prime ministers in the correct chronological order).

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