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This is probably a take on our “Big frog in a little pond or a little frog in a big pond.” Ama de llaves = head housekeeper. Val (Gala's friend) was privy to a lot of Gala's vitriol against the baby, even if she didn't actually hear the plotting, if the baby vanishes I think it would be time for her to break with Gala and tell all. And it also made me nervous that he may be right, he won't ever have more than what he had at that moment. And Rosa using a crucifix as a gift for her ploy to see the baby....anvil, where's my anvil? Oh why tn gods are you making things so hard for the poor girl? Someone should have thought to tell the hospital staff that she, Gala, and Julie aren't welcome to visit Luci. He's stands up for the good and true and is our rolling superman, but in this scene the tragedy of his plight came through. So well done and so emblematic of the real relationships this novela has shown. I'm giving Max a pass on sticking to business and not sending the B Team.

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Even stalwart loyal Frigida gets hissed at when she comes to tell her mistress that Gala’s waiting for her and where her children are (Jana’s at school and Patricio is going to the clinic to see Luciana). Right, AMOR, why aren't they watching the baby instead of watching Lucy? ITA with Vida2; no TN hell is too great for these women. Frankly, I was reduced to a veritable puddle last night during the Pato/baby scenes. I can't comment on all the Rosa, bruja confab mess. Very realistc when Luic started crying as soon as she got on the phone with her mama. Judy, will you be running a special session of our support group after the next espisode, which looks to be a nail biter? How is it that the cross isn't burning into her flesh to expose what sort of blasphemer and/or demon she really is? Add me to the list of those sobbing through the Pato Luci scene.

All of a sudden bidness is more important than family??? Poor Paz and Magda they are so anxious to get there to the D. I know alot of you don't like Don A but he is actually showing some character by being such a gentleman for a change and offering help to Paz, he is still ignoring Magda I see, as she is ignoring him, but going to the priest about saying a special petition for Luci was so unusual for him. I want to know why someone from the barrio isn't watching the nursery. For one minute I had a vision of her using it to stab the baby.

I think they think since the bebe is in the nursery it is perfectly safe, but I'm not liking the advances. As someone said it is a beautiful cross and I collect them so would like to have snagged it for my collection.

I loved him holding the bebe and cooing so much over it. I especially like Luci and Claudio among the Novelaworld protagonists I've seen, so I don't know how I'll stand the pain that's coming. @ DAISYNJAY I agree with you about Rosalena's Crucifix "GIFT" ~ I think to her; in her Evil & Twisted mind it Symbolizes the Iltimate sacrifice of Life that ( she believes) Luciana's baby must pay for her (Rosealena's) plan to keep her family together as she believes she is the only Saviour of her failing Family!!! Only the 3B's and Frigida where not in on the joy.

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Unfortunately, there's not much any of us can do to help Luci, except to keep watching.

Today's episode has her with her regular OB/GYN Bedside assisting her doctor there in the Clinica de Isabela. Sounds like history repeating itself doesn't it???

And they both looked panicked ~ all the while Estelita on Lucy watch duty!!! Yes Sister Anita ~ I will try to maintain my composure. But in this case, someone will eventually throw Gala & Rosa under the bus.

Even Max will be on Rod and Claudio's side on this one. If you think you might like to try a costume drama, look for Alborada.

And was it me or could we have a little possible future something-something between Pato & Vio?? They reran it recently, so you'll have to go to Youtube.

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