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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. In French, however, "pédérastie" has been used as a synonym for homosexuality between adult males (see Histoire du mot pédérastie).A 19th-century sexological treatise discusses men practicing the "insertion of the penis into the anus of women," as "pederasty with their wives." Additionally, the term has been used to refer to any homosexual activity, regardless of the participants' ages.Jeremy Bentham used the term in this broader sense in an essay dating from the 18th century.Historically, pederasty has existed as a variety of customs and practices within different cultures.The status of pederasty has changed over the course of history, at times considered an ideal and at other times a crime.In most countries today, the local age of consent determines whether or not a person is considered legally competent to consent to sexual acts, and whether such contact is abusive to the young person.

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He adds that in many societies, pederasty has been the main subject of the arts and the main source of tender and elevated emotions. Its practice dates from the Archaic period onwards in Ancient Greece, but Cretan ritual objects that reflect an already-formalised practice date to the late Minoan civilization, in around 1650 BC.

In many societies, such as Ancient Greece, it was justified on the grounds that love was the best foundation for teaching courage as well as civic and cultural values and that homoerotic love between males was superior to other forms of love.

as æ.) The word first appeared in the English language during the Renaissance, as pæderastie (e.g.

in Ancient Greece, pederasty was a relationship and bond, whether sexual or chaste, between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of his immediate family.

While most Greek men engaged in relations with both girls and boys, exceptions to the rule were known, some avoiding relations with women, and others rejecting relations with boys.

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