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To be honest, he's a friend of my now husband so that's part of the reason I said yes despite not knowing much about his background. It was this odd balance of a very happy occasion and then shooting the video itself.

But also because, if I'm given the chance to talk about issues like this, I'm gonna take them up on it. But it really didn't affect me, and it's unfortunate to say that.

Q: Do you have any advice for those women trying to break into the sports industry right now?It did remind me of the power of the words and that there is real meaning behind them.Having someone face-to-face saying those words –- it certainly reminded me of just how awful the things people saying to me are, but I wasn't that affected by it because it's just something I've gotten so used to, unfortunately.Sarah Spain born on August 18, 1986, she is an American radio host, anchor as well as sports reporter for ESPN.She was raised in Illinois and graduated from Cornell University where she used to played hockey and also participated in field and track.

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