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Join Mayfair Games as we celebrate the first annual International Catan Day at Catan Con 2015, April 24-26, 2015 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.Don’t miss your chance to play all things Catan, along with the entire Mayfair Games library.About the series editor Bret Rothstein teaches in the Department of the History of Art at Indiana University, Bloomington.A scholar of visual wit, he is the author of Sight and Spirituality in Early Netherlandish Painting (Cambridge: 2005), as well as essays in Dutch Crossing, The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics, Word & Image, and Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte.

Mayfair Games, Kosmos Verlag and Catan Gmb H have a lot of amazing worldwide activities planned for this historic year and our first offering is the Catan Rickshaw Run!

First, it recounts the history of early modern wit, humor, and games, from backgammon and tops to Papal bulls and theological tractates.

Second, in addressing its topic broadly, Cultures of Play, 1300-1700 also provides a forum for reconceptualizing the play elements of early modern economic, political, religious, and social life.

Proposals should take the form of either 1) a preliminary letter of inquiry, briefly describing the project; or 2) a formal prospectus including: abstract; brief statement of critical methodology, table of contents; sample chapter; estimate of length; estimate of the number and type of illustrations to be included; a c.v.

Please email your letter or proposal to the Ashgate contact for this series: Erika Gaffney, Publishing Manager, [email protected] by Jules Prick My name is Cristina and, together with 3 friends, I am trying to produce our card game Pirates! We have decided to use Kickstarter as a launching platform.

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